Top Electric Motor Manufacturers in the World

A recent research report by Syndicated Analytics finds that the global electric motor market size reached US$ XX Billion in 2022. The report also forecasts that the market is expected to reach US$ XX Billion by 2028, with a projected growth rate (CAGR) of XX% during the forecast period (2023-2028). 

Electric motors refer to electromechanical devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They work by interacting with the motor’s magnetic field and the electric current in the winding wires to generate a torque on a loop and spin the motor. They are highly durable, efficient, cost-effective, low maintenance, consume less energy, and exhibit a high tolerance for fluctuating voltages. Consequently, electric motors are widely used in electric cars, domestic appliances, industrial fans, machine tools, compressors, and hard disk drives.

Innovations and Emerging Opportunities in the Electric Motor Industry:

  • The top companies in the electric motor industry are investing in research and development (R&D) activities to introduce innovative electric motors that can perform fast acceleration and deceleration of speed, offer high starting torque, and possess reversible action capability.
  • They are also participating in government-sponsored energy management programs and developing energy-efficient motors to attain maximum output.
  • Furthermore, the leading manufacturers are integrating advanced stator, rotor, and copper rotor technology to enhance the performance, reliability, and efficiency of electric motors.
  • In addition, the introduction of novel insulation materials that improve the operational efficiency of the product is providing a positive thrust to the market growth. 

Industry Leaders in the Global Electric Motor Market:

1. Siemens AG (Website:

Siemens AG is a focused technology company specializing in distributed energy systems, intelligent building infrastructure, and power generation and delivery. It serves clients in various industries, including energy, healthcare, infrastructure, and manufacturing. It offers digital healthcare services, medical technology, drive technology, consumer products, industrial automation, and smart mobility solutions. It develops and manufactures a range of electric motors, including low-voltage, high-voltage, and motion-control motors. Currently, the company owns and operates research and development facilities, warehouses, production plants, and sales offices across the globe.

2. Toshiba Industrial Products and Systems Corporation (Website: 

Toshiba Industrial Products and Systems Corporation (TIPS) is a Japanese industrial components corporation and a subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation. It offers various lineups of industrial products and substantial services and contributes to social infrastructure improvements. The company provides an array of factory and building solutions and electric equipment for manufacturing facilities to improve efficiency and energy savings. It has a broad product portfolio comprising motors, inverters, variable speed drives, and various control systems. TOSHIBA was one of the first to bring high-efficiency motors to the world, and its motor technology has achieved world-leading energy efficiency.

3. ABB Ltd (Website:

ABB is a global technology leader that connects software to its electrification, robotics, automation, and motion portfolio. It provides energy-efficient and cost-effective energy solutions for homes, offices, factories, and vehicles. The company mainly operates via four business areas: electrification, motion, process automation, and robotics & discrete automation. Its motion business is the largest supplier of drives and motors across the globe. It offers a complete range of electric motors, generators, drives, and services, mechanical power transmission products, and integrated digital powertrain solutions. Besides this, the company is a title partner to the first all-electric motor racing series since 2018.

4. Nidec Corporation (Website: 

Nidec Corporation is a leading Japanese manufacturer and distributor of electric motors. The company primarily operates through three business units: Small Platform Motor and Solutions, Automotive Motor and Electric Control, and Appliance and Industrial Motor Business. It develops, manufactures, and sells small precision motors, home appliance motors, commercial and industrial motors, automotive motors, and motors for machinery, electronic, and optical components. Nidec operates manufacturing facilities around the world, including North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and other regions.

5. Rockwell Automation, Inc. (Website:

Rockwell Automation, Inc. is a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation. The company offers a wide range of hardware and software, including motors and drives, connection devices, distributed control systems, industrial control products, lighting control, motion control, power supplies, sensors, switches, safety products, and analytics and data management, performance monitoring, design, maintenance, and industrial communications software. Its flagship Allen-Bradley, LifecycleIQ Services, and FactoryTalk product brands are renowned for excellence across the globe.

6. AMETEK, Inc. (Website: 

AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices. The company comprises two operating groups: Electronic Instruments and Electromechanical, with highly differentiated technology and leading positions in niche markets. Electronic Instruments is a leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced analytical, test, and measurement instrumentation for the energy, aerospace, power, research, medical and industrial sectors. On the other hand, electromechanical is a differentiated supplier of automation and precision motion control solutions and highly engineered electrical interconnects, specialty metals, and thermal management systems. Currently, AMETEK has over 18,500 employees at more than 150 locations in 30 countries worldwide.

7. Regal Rexnord Corporation (Website:

Regal Rexnord Corporation is a leading producer of motors, bearings, gearing, conveying, blowers, electric components, and couplings. It mainly serves the oil and gas, agriculture, automotive, food processing, power generation, food and beverages (F&B), waste and wastewater management, packaging equipment, aerospace, and defense sectors. Its diversified portfolio of electronic products includes electric motors, power transmission products, switch gears and control, AC drives and controls, generators, and mechanical drives. 

8. Johnson Electric Holdings Limited (Website:

Johnson Electric Holdings Limited is a worldwide leader in electric motors, actuators, motion subsystems, and related electromechanical components. It is also one of the largest providers of motors, solenoids, micro-switches, flexible printed circuits, valves, starters, pumps, gearboxes, relays, and microelectronics across the globe. It primarily operates through mobility and industrial, professional, and consumer segments. It serves a range of industries, including automotive, smart metering, medical devices, business equipment, home automation, ventilation, white goods, power tools, and lawn and garden equipment. Currently, the company has over 35,000 employees in more than 20 countries across the globe. 

9. Franklin Electric (Website:

Franklin Electric is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of products and systems focused on the movement and management of water and fuel. It offers pumps, motors, drives, and controls for use in a wide variety of residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and municipal installations, for clean and grey water applications. The company is also one of the world’s largest manufacturers of submersible electric motors.

10. Allied Motion Technologies Inc. (Website:

Allied Motion Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells precision-controlled motion products and solutions for various applications within the vehicle, medical, aerospace and defense, electronic, and industrial markets. The company is renowned globally for its expertise in electromagnetic, mechanical, and electronic motion technology. It has an extensive product portfolio comprising brush and brushless DC motors, brushless servo and torque motors, coreless DC motors, motion controllers, integrated brushless motor drives, gear motors, gearing, modular digital servo drives, incremental and absolute optical encoders, and other motion control-related products.

11. Faulhaber Group (Website:

The Faulhaber Group consists of two divisions: FAULHABER Drive Systems and Micro Precision Systems (MPS). FAULHABER Drive Systems is a leading supplier of high-precision miniature and micro-drive systems. It offers the most extensive range of precision drive technologies, including high-performance DC Motors, BLDC Motors, Linear Motors, and Stepper Motors. On the other hand, MPS develops and produces customized micromechanical solutions in challenging fields, such as the watch industry, medical and orthopedic instrumentation, and defense.

12. Wolong Electric Industrial Motors (Website:

Wolong Electric Industrial Motors is one of the world’s top three motor and drive manufacturers. The company integrates three major product chains: motor and control, power transmission and power supply, and power supply. Its diverse product portfolio covers over 40 series and 3,000 varieties, including variable speed drives, generators, motors, micro-motors control, low-voltage motor control, high-voltage motor control, and power battery & transmission equipment. Presently, the company operates manufacturing facilities in 12 countries and regions around the globe. 

13. Weg SA (Website:

WEG SA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric motors, frequency converters, generators and transformers, motor starters and maneuver devices, gear units, and geared motors. It mainly serves the infrastructure, steel, pulp and paper, oil and gas, and mining industries. Its broad product portfolio consists of motors, controls, panels, automation, power transmission, renewable resource technologies, solar, biomass, and wind power generation, distribution equipment, and industrial coatings and varnishes. Currently, the company operates manufacturing sites in South Africa, India, China, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, and Germany.

14. Maxon Motor AG (Website:

Maxon Motor AG is a leading provider of high-precision drive systems. It provides brushed and brushless DC motors, brushless flat motors, gearheads, sensors, encoders, servo amplifiers, positioning controllers, high-tech CIM and MIM components, and custom drives. It mainly serves medical technology, industrial automation, security, measuring and testing technology, communication, the automotive industry, consumer applications, and aerospace markets. With more than 3000 employees, the company has an extensive global sales network and nine production sites worldwide.

15. TECO Westinghouse (Website:

TECO Westinghouse is a global leader in manufacturing electric motors from fractional to 100,000 HP. It is also a leading supplier of motor controls and provider of engineering services, genuine Westinghouse renewal parts, and large motor repairs. The company mainly serves the petrochemical, electric utility, pulp and paper, water/ wastewater treatment, air conditioning, marine, mining, and metals sectors. Its broad product portfolio includes stock motors, custom motors, drives and controls, and green energy solutions. 

16. Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. (Website:

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. is primarily engaged in industrial electric equipment production, sales, maintenance or servicing, and system solutions. It has an extensive product portfolio comprising industrial electric motors, variable frequency drives, programmable logic controllers, AC servo, water supply pumps, high-pressure blowers, switches and breakers, transformers, hoist systems, air compressors, and marking systems. 

17. Piela Electric, Inc. (Website:

Piela Electric, Inc. is a leading electrical and mechanical power transmission equipment provider. It offers a wide range of electric motors and controls, fuses, transformers, circuit breakers, and browning power transmission equipment. 

18. Dumore Corporation (Website: 

Dumore Corporation is a leading manufacturer of electric and gear motors, industrial tools, and electromechanical devices. The Group is organized as Dumore Motors, Dumore Tools, and Dumore Solenoids. Dumore Motors designs and produces custom fractional horsepower DC motors, gear motors, and electromechanical motor assemblies, such as permanent magnet DC motors, series wound universal motors, right angle, parallel shaft, and planetary permanent magnet DC gear motors. Dumore Tools provides high-quality drilling, tapping, and grinding tools, and Dumore Solenoids is the world’s leading manufacturer of emergency starter solenoids (battery contactors) for fire pump diesel engines.

19. ARC Systems Inc (Website:

ARC Systems Inc is a leading industrial electric motor manufacturer for the telecommunications, food, marine, and medical sectors. It also offers equipment built to existing drawings, or by working concurrently with the engineers, the company provides custom design products according to the customer’s specifications. It has a diverse product portfolio comprising scanning motors, drag cup motors, interially damped servo motors, integrators, AC tachometers, RVDT parts, gyro motors, magnetic coils environmental testing, various tachometer parts, reluctance motors, gears, sprockets, bearings, shafts, gear assemblies, and timing pulleys. 

20. Electric Motor Solutions (Website:

Electric Motor Solutions distributes standard and custom motors along with other related power equipment parts. The company manufactures, designs, and distributes precision motors, power transmission products, and fan parts for numerous applications. Its broad product portfolio includes electric motors, AC & DC linear actuators, fans & blowers, gearboxes and speed reducers, motor control and drive solutions, motor brakes and clutches, shaft couplers and adapters, air compressor and vacuum pump solutions, and adhesives and sealant products.

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